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Wholesome Fresh Brewed Teas with Delicious Natural Sweeteners

WayTea™ in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, is proud of our simple approach to fresh brewed teas that are made from a Lancaster County recipe with only natural sweeteners. This is not a substitute for water, but it is the next best thing for those who want to enjoy a beverage that is low in calories and free of artificial sweeteners.

Natural Alternative
When you are looking for a great way to stay refreshed without the harmful effects of sugars and GMOs, we have the solution. Our iced tea and Zip iced tea is made from natural ingredients and both are low in calories. Both feature antioxidants and won’t affect people with blood sugar issues. Our Original tea is only 15 calories a bottle and the Zip iced tea has no calories or sugar.

Organic Foundation
All of our drinks are free of GMOs and we pride ourselves on being 100% organic. The sweet flavor of our beverages comes from only natural sweeteners and it does not promote tooth decay. Our labels are clear because we pride ourselves on transparency, and our bottles are made from plastic that is free of BPA.

Charitable Giving
We also help you give back to the community by donating 50% of our proceeds to charitable causes. So enjoy a healthy beverage while promoting a better world around you.

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