Now Available Direct to Your Doorstep! Ask About Way Delivery by the Case. Only available for home delivery in the Lancaster County area.

Now Available Direct to Your Doorstep!
Ask About Way Delivery by the Case*

*Only available for home delivery in the Lancaster County area.

Our Story

Our quest for a healthier drink probably started with a relative, recalling my grandfather. I never knew him because he had died 4 years before my birth at the all too young age of 57. They said, “I will never forget old Clarence… he always had a soda in his hand.” That statement really stuck with me since I was a big cola drinker myself. It was then I decided I wanted to give up the sugary sodas and find something healthier.

That is when I turned to my mom’s iced tea recipe from my youth, but that really wasn’t much better, with a cup of sugar in every pitcher. I remember it was sitting out on our countertop. A few years ago, I went to the local health food store and found a doctor of nutrition working there. He recommended several alternative and healthier sweeteners. I settled on stevia because of being no calorie and after a few experimentations found a ratio to make the homebrew with it in place of all the sugar.

Many friends and family would comment about the taste, complimenting it and always wanting more, having a hard time believing it was sugar free and 0 calorie. Then one day as I was reaching for the pitcher in the refrigerator, I heard the voice of my Creator say to me, “People will buy this if you make it.” After a bit of research I learned the commercial side of making tea. The decision was made early on in the process to make it 100% organic and zero calories or Zip as we call it. We then later added a little sweeter version we call Original, which has about the same amount of calories as the fish oil caplets I take each day.

The nutritional facts are per bottle, not a serving size of 8 oz. We made the labels clear to signify that we are transparent in all we do. The decision was also made to donate 50% of all profits to charitable causes because we have a heart to give to those in need.
We have a dream to see young emotionally wounded boys be turned around into well balanced young men using Godly principles. We hope you love WayTea™ the way we love others and we hope you enjoy being a part of helping to make this world a better place for everyone. We have one mission statement and that is this: To leave everyone and everything in a better condition than the Way we found them.

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